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If you’ve ever pulled back the carpeting in your home to reveal a peek of gorgeous maple hardwood, or you’ve walked through your local home improvement store and imagined your carpeted floors transformed into striking red oak wood flooring, you know the excitement hardwood floors can elicit.

Hardwood flooring can redefine a space, bringing warmth, elegance, and timeless style to any room. At our company, we’re passionate about helping you unlock the potential of your home in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and the region with solutions that aren’t just durable, but also meticulously designed to reflect your personal taste and lifestyle.

Whether it’s a cozy bedroom retreat or a grand dining hall setting, our expertise in various wood types and finishes means that we can customize solutions that fit perfectly into your vision. With over 20 years in the industry, we continue to deliver craftsmanship and precision in every project.

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Dedicated to premium quality

Hardwood flooring isn’t just one of our services – it’s our sole focus. This specialization allows us to go deep and master every aspect, from selecting the finest materials to executing the most intricate installations. Our commitment is reflected in how we manage every project, with our owner David Inman playing a pivotal role. David’s involvement is hands-on and detail-oriented, ensuring that the unique artistry and technical precision of our work shine through in every project we handle.

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    Client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do

    Established in 1997, our company has built over two decades of expertise in creating beautiful hardwood flooring solutions and forging lasting customer relationships. Our commitment goes beyond just delivering superior quality – it’s the foundation of our business. From the initial consultation to the completion of your project, your satisfaction remains our constant focus.

    We’ll maintain the beauty and integrity of your flooring

    Whether you’re looking to install brand-new hardwoods or seeking expert care and refinishing, we’ve got you and your floors covered. We pay meticulous attention to detail so that each plank is perfectly placed, creating a seamless and stunning finish that complements your space. Our skilled refinishing expert specializes in revitalizing old hardwood, restoring its original luster as if it were just laid. Moreover, our advanced dustless sanding system ensures the entire process is clean and efficient, keeping your home’s air virtually dust-free.

    Bring a unique charm to your home! Discover our exclusive brush system and enjoy the artistry of our craftsmanship, championed by HomeAdvisor and highly favored on Angi!