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Installing Hardwood Floors in Kernersville, NC: Choose Premier

Are you planning on installing hardwood floors in Kernersville, NC, to improve the look and value of your home? Installing wood floors can add a classic, timeless sophistication to your home. However, wood floors offer different looks depending on the options you choose.

One decision you will make that will affect your floors’ appearance is wood plank width. Often consumers think of species and color as the top factors that impact your floors’ appearance, but plank width can dramatically change the overall appearance of your floors as well.

Wood Plank Width Options for Hardwood Floors in Kernersville, NC

The width of the wood you choose will alter the character and grain of your hardwood flooring. The overall look your floors starts with species selection and plank width.

The width of the plank itself along with a decision to use a mixture of plank widths are two important decisions that will dramatically affect the look of your floors.

You must first decide if you want wood flooring with one uniform width, or wood flooring with random wood plank widths.

This is a personal preference that can achieve distinctive looks. For instance, a uniform width floor will provide a contemporary streamlined appearance where random widths can add fascinating character to a room, befitting any style from modern to rustic.

Wood Plank Width Affects Hardwood Floor Seams

Once you decide on uniform or random wood plank widths, you then must decide which measurement you want. The wider the plank the fewer the seams your hardwood floor will have. If you are choosing random widths, this does not necessarily apply unless your random widths are all larger. However, it is important to note that the wider the board, the more susceptible it is to moisture, wear, and tear. If your heart is set on wider planks, mixing them up with narrow widths can increase your wood floor’s longevity.

Width Selection Affects the Overall Price of Your Hardwood Floor

Along with appearance, plank widths also affect the price of your floor; choosing a random range of plank widths is less expensive than requesting floor boards that are the same measurement. This is because the material does not have to be sorted or cut to the same lengths with uniformity in mind. Instead, boards are selected at random within your width range.

Premier Hardwood Flooring works with any size plank to provide you with the options you need to achieve the style you prefer.

Premier’s Technicians Are Floor Refinishing Experts as Well

Premier Hardwood Flooring has more than 20 years of experience working exclusively with hardwood flooring, including installations, hardwood floor refinishing, and repair in the Kernersville, NC area. In fact, when it comes to floor refinishing, nobody does it better than Premier. Premier’s technicians use a dust containment system that captures 90 percent of dust from hardwood floor sanding, and employ products such as EPA approved Bona® cleaners that are eco-friendly. Premier Hardwood Flooring will make sure that your home and family are being protected during the floor refinishing process.

Get the Options You Need for Your Wood Floors with Premier Hardwood Flooring

A decision to install new wood floors should come with many options — after all, you’ll be living with these wood floors for a long time, so why not get exactly what you want? You can get all the options with Premier Hardwood Flooring. With more than 20 years of experience working with any species and any size plank, you’ll get the options you need to realize a style that is uniquely you.

Get your hardwood floor installation or refinishing project started by calling Premier Hardwood Flooring today at (336) 829-4259.