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Hardwood Floor Installation in Mt. Airy: Choose Premier Hardwood Flooring

If you’re planning to remodel your home and hardwood floor installation in Mt. Airy is on the top of your to-do list, you’re making a great decision that will add beauty and value to your home. However, once you’ve elected to install hardwood floors, you need to choose what type of hardwood flooring will best complement your home and style.

How Do You Choose the Best Hardwood Floor Species for You?

Hardwood floor species vary in hardness, grain, color, price, durability – among other factors. Different hardwood floor species have distinct grain patterns which can enhance the look of your floors. There are domestic species like White Oak, Cherry, and Hickory, and more exotic species like Brazilian Cherry and Bamboo. Depending on your style and taste, your hardwood floor species selection is the foundation of the resulting visual style you will achieve.

But if you’re new to the world of hardwoods, you might not even know what’s out there, and you’ll surely need help figuring out what the pros and cons of each species might be.

Here Are a Few of the Most Popular Choices:

  • Red Oak – Red Oak is more uniform in color with a rich wheat hue and tighter grain pattern than White Oak.
  • White Oak – White Oak is denser and heavier than Red Oak which makes it the slightly more durable of the two.
  • Red Birch – This wood has a reddish-brown color and closed grain along with the same durability and hardness as Oak.
  • Yellow Birch – This wood has a straight, closed grain and color variance from creamy yellow to very light reddish brown. It has the same hardness as Red Oak.
  • Maple Hard and Red – This wood delivers a light, uniform appearance. It’s very durable and is considered one of the hardest of all hardwoods.
  • American Cherry – There are varying grades. It is extremely light sensitive, so Cherry darkens dramatically over time. Color can range significantly between boards, with shades ranging from light to dark reddish-brown to light pink. Cherry is 25 percent softer than Red Oak.
  • Hickory/Pecan – This wood is commonly known to be hard as stone. Variations in the grade can result in quite significantly different looking floors.
  • Walnut – The grain is predominately straight and delivers a dark floor. Walnut is 20 percent softer than Red Oak.
  • Ash – This wood provides the most pronounced grain of any hardwood. It has a wide range of color. Ash is also more durable and harder than Oak.
  • Beech – This wood has a simple grain and uniformity in grade. Color ranges from pale white to reddish brown.
  • Southern Yellow Pine/Northern White Pine Brazilian Walnut (IPE) – These are the hardest of all woods, with colors ranging from olive brown to blackish. It is a low-luster wood with an oily appearance and a straight, irregular grain.
  • BambooBamboo wood is pale yellow in color. It has a linear grain and is fairly smooth in texture.
  • Brazilian Cherry – This is a reddish brown wood, with an interlocking grain and a golden luster or glow beneath. It is a hard, strong wood.

As illustrated, hardwood floor species selection can provide a different style, character, and hardness. That is why it benefits you to select a floor specialist who can work with any species of wood.

From Brazilian Cherry to White Oak; Premier Hardwood Flooring crafts unique, beautiful and enduring hardwood floors that add value and appeal to your home.

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