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Wood Floors in Winston-Salem? Call the Experts at Premier Hardwood Flooring

Are you seeking a local wood floor contractor to install new wood flooring to add warmth and value to your home? Do you want your floors customized to suit your personal style?

From wood species to custom borders, you can style your floor to uniquely highlight your home’s décor when you work with a contractor experienced in wood floors in Winston-Salem.

Customize your Wood Floors in Winston-Salem with Medallions

One of the great allures of custom hardwood flooring is that it has so many custom options such as defining borders and other embellishments. A creative way to enhance your hardwood floors is to install hardwood borders or medallions.

Wood flooring is timeless and elegant on its own, but when coupled with a medallion it can be a sophisticated focal point of your refined flooring.

Adding a wood or stone medallion is an embellishment that complements the natural beauty of hardwood. From modern designs to family crests, medallions offer an authentic touch unique to you.

Borders Add Personality to Your Flooring

Distinctive border designs can be integrated with the installation of your wood floor to add a unique appeal to the overall appearance.

Borders can be as simple as a single strip of contrasting wood, or as ornate as intricate decorative patterns, such as herringbone. Borders are often used to separate space in large open homes, or to join rooms with a common motif. Hardwood flooring doesn’t have to be about just species and color – there are so many options available that your floors can be as unique as you are.

Premier has the experience and craftsmanship to add any number of custom options to the installation of your wood floors. Whether you need a personal medallion or enhancing border to communicate your taste, Premier Hardwood Flooring can deliver the style that is yours, and yours alone, down to the last detail.

These Options Are Also Available in Laminate Flooring

Hardwood floors bring sophistication and class to any room in your home. The stunning appeal of wood flooring increases your home’s value while complementing any decor.

Almost any species of wood floor are also available in laminate flooring. The top level of laminate flooring is a photographic veneer that can mimic any species of wood you choose. The core is usually made of a tough high-density fiberboard, and the laminate flooring planks are usually 3/8” thick and are installed using a tongue and groove locking system. Laminate is the most budget-friendly and is considered the most durable and the easiest to clean of all wood floor options.

Make Your Hardwood Floors Unique with Premier Hardwood Flooring

Premier Hardwood Flooring has more than 20 years of experience working exclusively with hardwood flooring, including installations, hardwood floor refinishing and repair in Winston-Salem and the surrounding area. This unparalleled specialization means that Premier can deliver all your wood flooring needs from standard installation to full customization.

Make your wood floors as unique as you are by calling Premier Hardwood Flooring today at (336) 829-4259.