wood floor refinishing in greensboro

Spruce Up Your Space with Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Greensboro

Are you planning a remodel of your home and need your old hardwood floors revitalized? Did you just uncover beautiful yet faded and stained wood floors underneath that carpet you’ve had for decades? Want to get rid of that old carpet and add the style and beauty of hardwood floors to your home?

Whatever your situation, you’ll likely need your hardwood floors refinished. Stains, splinters, or fading finishes can dull the natural beauty of hardwood floors and make them an eyesore rather than an eye pleaser. Hardwood floor refinishing in Greensboro is an affordable way to renew its original luster at a lower price than replacing it.

Premier Has More Than 20 Years of Experience in Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Greensboro

Refinishing hardwood floors involves several steps to ensure your floors are restored to their original beauty and durability. The refinishing process entails sanding the floor down to bare wood, staining it with your choice of color, and finishing it with a modern, protective coating to increase its longevity and durability.

Premier Hardwood Flooring has been refinishing hardwood floors in Greensboro for more than 20 years. Hardwood flooring is their sole service, so you know you’re getting true experts who can properly refinish your floors and restore them to their original beauty. With Premier, you can revitalize your floors affordably with expert precision while avoiding the dust common with refinishing.

Sanding Hardwood Floors in Greensboro with 90 Percent Less Dust

The first step in refinishing floors is sanding — which is usually the least popular step due to the dust. Sanding hardwood floors can result in your air filled and your home covered in dust. It’s messy and unhealthy. Premier Hardwood Flooring shows how much they care about you and your air by employing a dust-containment system while sanding your floors to capture 90 percent of dust that would otherwise end up in your home and air. In addition, they use products that include EPA approved Bona® products that are eco-friendly and better for you and your family.

Hardwood Floor Protective Sealants: You Have a Choice

After sanding your floors and staining them, protecting them with a sealant is critical to extend their longevity and increase their durability. There are a few types of sealants that will give your floors that finished look.

  • Polyurethane: Available in varying degrees of luster, polyurethane darkens the wood slightly during the sealing process. It’s great for high-moisture and high-traffic areas.
  • Varnish: Varnish is also available in a variety of sheens, from matte to glossy. The higher the sheen, the more resilient the surface and the easier it is to spot repair.
  • Penetrating sealer: Penetrating sealer gives the most natural-looking finish and enhances your wood’s grain. It is the easiest to spot repair of the three most commonly used sealants.

Repairing and Sanding Hardwood Floors in Greensboro

Repairing your current wood flooring delivers a renewed, pristine look at a fraction of the price of a new installation. If your floor needs serious repairs, these must be fixed prior to refinishing to ensure an appealing result. The most common repairs that are corrected include:

  • Nicks and scrapes in wood
  • Holes in wood
  • Squeaking floor
  • Warped planks
  • Rotting floor joists

Most fixes are relatively simple and crucial to achieving the renewed look refinishing your floors will provide.

Refinishing hardwood floors takes expertise and precision to make sure you get your money’s worth and you don’t have to find a place to stay for a week. So it’s important to choose your contractor with the same careful consideration as you choose your style and refinishing options.

Get Expert Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Greensboro with Premier Hardwood Flooring

Remodeling your home with refinished hardwood floors can add years to the life of your flooring and value to your home. Whether your floors just need refinishing or they need serious repairs — you’ll want an experienced hardwood floor contractor to inspect, repair, and refinish your floor to restore their original luster and increase the value of your home.

Premier Hardwood Flooring has specialized in hardwood floor refinishing in Greensboro for more than 20 years. Their expertise and specialization in hardwood flooring will make sure your floors are finished beautifully and efficiently. Premier serves the greater Greensboro area, including Winston-Salem, High Point, Kernersville, Mt. Airy, Lexington, Jamestown, and Walnut Cove. Remodel your floors with confidence by calling Premier Hardwood Flooring today at (336) 829-4259.