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Remodeling Your Home with Walnut Flooring in Lexington, NC? Think Premier

Are you seeking a local wood floor contractor to install new wood flooring to add warmth and value to your home? Is your heart set on the rich chocolate hue of Walnut flooring in Lexington, NC? Walnut flooring is a popular choice because of its strong grain pattern and adaptability to any décor.

If you’re choosing to install hardwood floors, you want your floors to look natural and elegant. Walnut produces a naturally dark hardwood flooring with eye-catching grain patterns that pop when stained. Aside from choosing this species, you should also consider whether you will have it installed prefinished or unstained. There are advantages to both.

Prefinished Walnut Flooring Offers a Classic Look

If you’re seeking a modern look with a rich warm chocolate brown tone that works well in both large and small rooms, you may want to consider prefinished Walnut flooring. Walnut that is prefinished arrives with stain added to the surface prior to installation that enhances the natural color of the wood. You can typically choose shades of light to dark brown, but you are limited to what the contractor offers. However, with a variety of choices and expedited installation, this is a popular option for homeowners seeking a classic appeal of Walnut hardwood flooring in Lexington, NC.

Unstained Walnut Flooring Lends a Rustic Feel

Unstained Walnut floors are a good choice if you desire a natural appearance with a rustic charm in your flooring and home. Unstained Walnut flooring provides you with the ability to choose any color stain to intensify the bold browns of Walnut, draw out the distinct grain patterns, or stain it so that it appears to be a different type of wood altogether – but still bearing the unique grain patterns offered by Walnut.

Advantages of Walnut Flooring in Lexington, NC

Aside from its richness and durability, many homeowners choose Walnut because it is a low-maintenance choice. Dirt and dust can be easily swept from the surface and specialty cleaners can protect and remove stains. Although not as durable as Oak, many homeowners find Walnut flooring in Lexington, NC, endures light-to-medium traffic while adapting to any décor.

Though Walnut produces an organically dark hardwood flooring, this species’ shade works in a variety of settings. It complements both traditional and contemporary homes and décor. Additionally, with Walnut’s strong grain pattern that, when stained, is darker than the wood itself, creates a dark hardwood floor with a visual pop that many homeowners enjoy.

Add the Personality and Panache of Walnut Flooring in Lexington, NC, with Premier Hardwood Flooring

Whether you want Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, or Oak, Premier Hardwood Flooring works with any species to ensure your home’s flooring style is uniquely you.

Premier Hardwood Flooring has more than 20 years of experience in working solely with wood floors in Lexington, NC, and the surrounding area. Premier is uniquely qualified to deliver the skill and experience to precisely install your wood floors down to the last detail. Get the look and longevity of wood flooring today by calling us at (336) 829-4259.