Wood Floors in Winston-Salem: Tips and Tricks to Best Care for Them

hardwood floor greensboroInvesting in wood floors in Winston-Salem can pay off — if you care for them properly. Use of inadequate cleaners, incomplete cleaning of spills, and neglect of wood floors can all lead to damage, decreased durability and diminished appeal.

Often new wood floor owners don’t take that small amount of time to regularly care for their floors. A little TLC and knowledge can help you avoid using inadequate cleaners and products that can ruin the look and quality of your wood floors.

Wood flooring costs can be expensive – so you should protect your investment by following these tips and tricks to clean and care for your wood floors so you can enjoy them longer.

Prevent Damage to Your Wood Floors

Like with every flooring surface, dirt and grit from everyday life will end up on it — daily. But with wood flooring, this debris can result in costly damage because it acts like sandpaper on your finish — resulting in dents, scratches and dulling.

Make a point to broom-sweep your floors daily. Placing floor mats in heavier debris areas can also help protect your floors.

Dry-mopping weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the traffic, will also preserve them by picking up any spills you may have missed.

You’ll find that this ounce of prevention can help you avoid the high costs of that pound of cure – namely having your floors repaired, re-sanded, and refinished.

Spills Will Warp Your Wood Floors

Spills and water will warp your hardwood floors and damage the finish if allowed to sit on the floors. This can add to your wood floor costs by requiring premature refinishing to repair the damage. Be proactive and wipe up any spills as soon as you see them. Dry-mop to make sure there aren’t any spills you missed.

Improper Cleaners Will Damage Finishes

Many new wood floor owners have been tempted to use furniture polish, thinking it will be a quick way to add shine and remove dust from your wood floors. Don’t do it! Not only is furniture polish not designed for use on wood floors and could damage your finish, it will also turn your floors into a hardwood slip-n-slide.

Oils and waxes can also damage your floor’s finish. Both leave a residue that will take away from the luster of your floors. Don’t use ammonia, abrasive cleaners or alkaline products either, because they will also harm the finish.

So what can you use?

Cleaners You Can Use on Hardwood Floors

What you can use to clean your hardwood floors is much simpler and cheaper than all the items you shouldn’t use.

Soap and water.

When using water make sure — whether you use a mop or cloth – to wring it out well. Make it damp but not so damp the water seeps into your floor boards and warps them.

You can also use any floor-cleaning products recommended by your installer or manufacturer, but if you find it too costly, soap and water is a fine go-to that will protect your floor.

Steam cleaners have become all the rage, and they can be very effective at cleaning wood floors, but again, be sure that the cleaner doesn’t leave too much moisture on the floors.

Being preventive and proactive all help in preserving your wood floors so you can enjoy them for a lifetime. Getting help from experts in the industry can get you the hardwood knowledge you need to see your investment pay off.

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